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The City of Kilgore supplies and distributes water and sewer services. Options are available for natural gas service, and the regulated electric rates in the Kilgore region are some of the lowest in the nation.  

American Electric Power - SWEPCO

In addition to low, regulated, rates AEP/SWEPCO currently has an Experimental Economic Development Rider (EDR) available that can benefit companies in Kilgore.  This EDR tariff helps discount the “demand portion” of an electric bill and extends for a three-year time span.  The minimum requirements are new electric use of 1,000 kW plus new jobs. This incentive will help keep electric costs even lower for a three-year time span.
Texas Annualized Electric Rate Summary

12 months ending January 1, 2014
Residential Annualized Rates
Based on 1,000 kWh/month 
SWEPCO average residential rate is 15.9% lesss expensive than the state averge and 47.5% less than the national average.
State Average 
National Average

Commercial Annualized Rates
Based on 500 kW demand/180,000 kWh/month consumption
SWEPCO averge commercial rate is 21.6% less expensive that the state average and 64.5% less than the national average.
State Average
National  Average

Industrial Annualized Rates
Based on 1,000kW demand/400,000 kWh/month consumption
SWEPCO average industrial rate is 16% less expensive that the state average and 60.5% less than the national average.
State Average
National  Average
For an industrial electric bill comparison click HERE or see below:

Water - City of Kilgore


City of Kilgore Water Department
Rated Capacity Avg. Daily Demand Peak Demand Storage Capacity Gallons: Pressure in Mains
8.2 mgd 2.5 mgd 6.1 mgd Ground: 1,100,000
Elevated: 4,900,000
Min. 35 PSI
Max. 85 PSI
Water Consumption Cost as of 1/2010
Cost per 1000 gallons (0-10,000 gallons) $3.35
Cost per 1000 gallons (10,001 - 40,000 gallons) $4.50
Cost per 1000 gallons (40,000+) $6.10
Water Connection Fee-New Account $50.00 Non-Refundable
2013 Water Quality Report  
Source - City of Kilgore Water Department


Natural Gas

Local Supplier
CenterPoint Energy
Large Capacity Users qualify for negotiated pricing based

on volumetric and load factor designed rate schedules.


Sewer Treatment


Sewer Treatment
Type of Service
Rated Capacity
3 mgd
Avg. Daily Demand
1.9 mgd
Peak Demand
4.2 mgd
Cost per 1000 gallons
Sewer Connection Fee
4” = $350.00 6” = $450.00
Provider: City of Kilgore


Solid Waste

Solid waste disposal in the City of Kilgore is currently handled by Republic Services in Kilgore.  To meet the waste disposal needs of businesses, Republic Services offers solutions for many industries including: property management, food and retail, healthcare and life sciences, industrial manufacturing and construction and demolition. Waste experts can perform waste audits to help right size services by specifying the right dumpsters or compactors and schedule to accommodate material volumes.
In addition to the reliable waste collection and disposal services that are core to the business, National Accounts Waste Stream Advisors can provide a range of consultative services to organizations with regional or nationwide sites. The company can provide cost-containment strategies, customized program design, consolidated invoicing and compliance through a single point of contact and dedicated team of industry experts. 
To contact Republic Services click HERE.


T – 1 Line
ISDN Lines
POPs for MCI, AT&T, and Sprint
11 miles from Kilgore in Longview, TX
ESA Technologies
Network Communications*
 *Network Communications can provide the following services to those located on the Fiber optic SONET network:
  • SIP trunking
  • DIDs
  • Dedicated Internet Access up to 1 Gig
  • Transport services such as Metro Ethernet, MPLS, Point to Point or Layer 2 Multi point
  • Services provided over collapsed or diverse fiber entry into customer premise
  • 5MB-100MB dn/up
  • 100 times faster than the national average